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Parent & Student Handbook


2017-2018 Parent & Student Handbook










Seth Feldman                                                                                                Jean F. Kuznik

Principal                                             @CunhaCubs                                     Assistant Principal


Stacey Myrick                                                                                              Janice Lee

          Counselor A - L                                                                                             Counselor M - Z






The Cabrillo Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex (sexual harassment), sexual orientation, marital, family, parental status, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For questions or complaints regarding this policy, please contact John Corry, Assistant Sup. of Personnel and Pupil Services, Equity/ Title IX Compliance Officer at (650) 712­7109.










Letter from the Principal

Welcome to Cunha! During this school year, I am sure you will experience many enjoyable lunchtimes and after school activities, balanced with academic challenges. We believe in increased behavior and academic expectations as we prepare you for your future successes in high school and beyond. Teachers, counselors, staff members, and administrators are here to assist you in all of these areas. I would encourage you to make the most of these middle school years by becoming involved in the various activities (athletics, clubs, spirit activities, talent show, electives, etc.) during the school year. You will find other students with the same interests and build many friendships. What you get from Cunha will depend largely on what you put into Cunha ­ GET INVOLVED !

At the beginning of each school year, students receive this revised Handbook. Please take the time to review the school expectations and expected behavior with your parents. If you have any questions, please see your Counselor, Mrs. Kuznik, or myself.

Again, welcome to Cunha; we will work hard to fill your years here with exciting and new learning experiences as we prepare you for high school.



Seth Feldman






Cunha provides a safe, nurturing environment where all students, parents and staff strive to meet high academic standards and promote lifelong learning. Cunha is committed to a student ­centered learning environment where every student is encouraged to seek his or her maximum potential. Scholarship, the ability to reason, as well as civic and social consciousness is the cornerstone of our mission. Cunha will inspire all students to reach high academic expectations, think critically and creatively, become responsible citizens, value diversity and individual self-worth, as well as pursue continual growth.


Building Strong Foundations During Grades 6–8

Cunha Intermediate School helps students make the transition between elementary and high school. The school culture is grounded in the tradition of educating the "whole" person. Students and staff work diligently to promote academic success and positive behavior through Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports and Response to Intervention. Cunha has 35+ teachers, 15+ classified staff, two administrators, and two full time counselors for a student body of approximately 800 students. Cunha's campus was renovated in 2010, resulting in a state of the art campus with instructional technologies in classrooms. A recently passed bond has allowed further technology integration with Chromebook carts in each classroom. Cunha has extensive extra­curricular opportunities, including athletics, club participation, lunchtime spirit competitions, etc. The award ­winning student ­led Leadership Program coordinates this massive effort! Additionally, all students have the opportunity to participate in our extensive elective opportunities ­ from traditional Shop to Home Economics to AVID.



Regular attendance is vital to student success in school. The student who is frequently absent misses social interaction and direct instruction from his/her teachers even though written work can be made up in accordance with CA Education Code. Any day or hour absent is a missed learning opportunity. Further impacts of irregular attendance include:

● Students can fall behind quickly even if they miss a day or two every few weeks.

● Tardiness in the early grades can predict poor attendance later.

● Absences can affect whole classrooms if the teacher has to slow down learning to help students catch up.

● Schools lose funding for each absence, regardless of the reason; including illness or excused absences. Schools do NOT receive funding even if the absence is excused. This law went into effect in 1998. Any absence, whether excused or unexcused, is a loss of revenue as well as instructional opportunities; no reimbursement is received.

Students are responsible for attending class regularly and on time. Students with excessive absences or tardies may be excluded from activities and privileges at school such as assemblies, sports, dances, the promotion ceremony, etc.

Note: The absence count for PBIS sessions and dance participation will reset after each dance.

Attendance Procedures

1. On the day that a student is absent from school, parents need to call the attendance office at 712­7190 before 9:00am to report the absence. After two unexcused absences or cuts, each will earn an PBIS session and may result in progressive discipline, as well as the student and parent being referred to the Student Attendance Review Board process.

2. Students are expected to be seated and ready for class with all materials when the second bell rings. After the first tardy, each subsequent tardy will result in an PBIS session and loss of privileges; if problem persists, the student and parent may be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board process.

3. Students leaving school must always be signed out in the office by parent/legal guardian, or an adult listed on their emergency card. Students will only be released to parents/legal guardians or adults listed on the emergency card. Students with a note and permission to see a nearby doctor, dentist, orthodontist or a counselor for a scheduled appointment need to sign out in the front office.

4. If your student is absent for an extended period of time, please coordinate all homework/classwork directly with teachers. Your student’s counselor may also be able to assist with this if the need arises. Additionally, homework may also be accessed through teacher sites in SchoolLoop at .

5. If your child is absent on the day of a dance, athletic contest, or other school function/activity, they will be excluded from participation. In the case of a partial absence, students must attend a minimum of four (4) full periods to be considered “in attendance.”



Philosophical Statement: It is the goal of the Cunha School staff to meet the individual academic needs of each student. We also believe it is necessary for students to have success in school and to prepare them academically and socially for the transition into high school.

Academic Progress: The school year is divided into four quarters, with Parent­-Teacher conferences conducted late October and early November. Report cards are mailed at the end of each quarter. Between report cards, students will receive a mid- ­Quarter Progress Report to show academic and status at that point. Progress Reports will include letter grades and appropriate teacher comments.


Marking System: Cunha Intermediate School uses a grading system consisting of the following letter grades and their point values:


A         4.0

A­        3.7

B+       3.3

B         3.0

B­        2.7

C+       2.3

C         2.0

C­        1.7

D+       1.3

D         1.0

D­        0.7

F          0.0


Note: 6th grade wheel, 7th grade electives, and Teacher Assistant grades will be pass/fail only. A cumulative grade point average is computed by totaling (adding) the grade point equivalents and dividing by the total number of courses in which the student is enrolled.

Academic Counseling: Cunha Intermediate School has two full time counselors who work with all students. Students who wish to see their counselor must first fill out an appointment request in the office or through the school website (select Appointment Request under Student Tools on main page).

Back to School Night: Parents should plan on attending the Cunha Back to School night each year their student is enrolled at Cunha Intermediate. It is designed to provide parents with key information about Academic Expectations, Grading Policies and Contact information for the teacher. Additionally, information about grade specific events such as Outdoor Education Week, Leadership trip to Washington DC., College and Career Readiness and Student success support systems is shared with parents and guardian. This time in invaluable to the success of every student. The schedule will offer parents time to meet each of the seven teachers a student has for the school year.

Honor Roll: In order to add incentive and recognition for good work and high achievement, the Cunha staff publishes a school honor roll at the end of each quarter. Cunha’s administration team presents certificates to students in classes to honor their successes. Students who are on the honor roll are offered a special field trip as recognition for their hard work. Honor Roll includes GPA of 3.25 ­ 3.89, Principal’s Honor Roll is a 3.9 GPA or better.

Homework Guidelines: Parents are encouraged to set aside an average of a one-hour block of time each evening (Monday ‐Thursday) for homework. This hour should be a "quiet" time devoted to completing assigned work, checking assignments already completed, and recreational reading. Parents are encouraged to monitor the use of social media during the homework hour.


Textbooks: Students whose teachers assign a textbook are responsible for the proper use and care of the book(s). Teachers will inform the students of which books are required for the daily classroom work. Students are expected to have the book ready for use on all school days. If a textbook is lost or damaged, the parent is responsible for its replacement.  Students will be asked to pay the replacement cost or pay a lesser amount when damage occurs. Students will not be issued final grades or diplomas until all textbooks or replacement costs are turned in.

Promotion Standards: It is the purpose of the Cunha staff to prepare students for the next grade. To be automatically promoted to the next grade, each student must maintain a 1.7 GPA in their classes. If a student fails to meet the 1.7 GPA requirements, he/she may be placed in intervention classes, placed on academic and/or behavior contracts, required to attend summer school, or retained to repeat the grade the following school year. These factors will be considered when reviewing a student for possible repeating of a grade:

1. Grades in Reading, English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

2. SBAC scores

3. Student Study Team judgment of potential success

4. Attendance

8th Grade students who do not maintain a minimum overall GPA of 1.7 are not permitted to participate in promotion ceremonies and are subjected to the above Promotion Standards in order to enter 9th grade.

Academic Integrity: The Cabrillo Unified School District is committed to advancing the pursuit of intellectual excellence and to maintaining the highest standards and expectations for academic integrity among all students. The Governing Board believes that academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental components of a student's education and character development. The Board expects that students will not cheat, lie, plagiarize or commit other acts of academic dishonesty. Students, parents/guardians, staff and administrators shall be responsible for creating and maintaining a positive school climate that encourages honesty. Students found to have committed an act of academic dishonesty shall be subject to district and school-­site discipline rules (BP 5131.9).

Definition of Academic Dishonesty Academic Dishonesty is an attempt to disrupt the evaluation process. It includes using a person’s work, concepts, designs, data, ideas, research, or documentation, without giving proper credit to the source. Academic Dishonesty goes beyond plagiarism to also include identical answers or unlike problems on an exam, lying, cheating, using or providing unauthorized materials in preparation for an exam/test/quiz, or using or providing unauthorized materials during an exam/test/quiz, and other acts, such as the theft or falsification of records and files.

Forms of Academic Dishonesty Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

● Looking at someone else’s work product, or knowingly allowing someone else to look at one’s work product during an exam, test, or quiz

● Using any kind of “cheat notes” during an exam, test, or quiz, without teacher approval

● Copying any work assigned to be done independently or letting others copy one’s work

● Having unauthorized access to or using stolen exams, tests, or quizzes

● Forging parent signatures on grade reports, or other documents

● Using an electronic device (calculator, cell phone, camera, or other gadgets) to give or receive or copy information before, during, or after an exam, test, or quiz

● Lying about attendance or ability to complete assignments and/or assessments

● Claiming credit for work in a group project when work was done by others

● Copying or closely paraphrasing sentences, phrases, or passages from an uncited source while writing a paper or doing research

● Using the views, opinions, or insights of others without proper acknowledgment

● Fabricating or altering laboratory data

Teacher’s Professional Judgment A teacher’s professional judgment guides the implementation of the Cunha Intermediate School Academic Integrity Policy. The teacher is responsible for setting the academic expectations, explaining the consequences of the Policy, evaluating any evidence of student misconduct in light of the Policy, and determining whether the Policy has been violated. Students are to conduct themselves in a sensible manner and not give the teacher cause to consider their actions a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.

Consequences for Violations Cunha considers violations of the Academic Integrity Policy to be serious offenses and has therefore instituted the following consequences. The consequences will be applied school wide, i.e., a violation in one class follows a student to a different class. Additionally, violations of the Academic Integrity Policy are cumulative for all the years a student is enrolled at Cunha Intermediate School.

● The student will have a reduction in grade/credit (up to, and including, an “F” grade/ “0” credit) on the assignment, exam, test, or quiz based upon the teacher’s grading system

● The student’s quarter grade may, at the teacher’s discretion, be lowered by one full letter grade

● The teacher will confer with the student and contact the parent/guardian by phone or e­mail to review the academic integrity incident within two school days of becoming aware of the incident

● The teacher will submit a referral, with appropriate documentation explaining his/her professional judgement, to an administrator who will meet with the student, and document the incident/follow-up action in Student data management system

Disciplinary actions may include any of the following, but are not limited to:

  • PBIS Session, Knowledge Club, Campus Beautification, In School Suspension, Out of school Suspension (even on a first offense for serious incident)
  • A signed student/parental behavior/academic contract which includes a statement that acknowledges the violation/consequence(s) and indicates an understanding of further consequences for any subsequent offenses
  • The student will be ineligible for participation in or having a leadership role in a club, student government, athletic team, or other extracurricular activity for a period to be determined Second Offense+ Students that violate the Academic Integrity Policy more than once will be subjected to progressive discipline.



Athletics: Students are encouraged to participate in the sports activities that are offered after school. Our school competes against other schools in the Art David Athletic League. All after school sports participants must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their schoolwork, have satisfactory behavior to be eligible to play, and attend any mandatory meetings. All students must have a current physical and emergency card on file in the office.

Athletic Eligibility: Cunha recognizes the physical and social benefits that come with participating on an athletic team. Cunha also recognizes that the priority for attending school is for the intellectual growth and academic success of the student. All sports are open to all students, irrespective of their sex/gender.

For those students who did not earn a 2.0 GPA for the previous quarter, the below stated provisions exist in order to assist the student’s transition from elementary school to intermediate school.

Any 6th grade student who did not earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for the previous academic quarter who wishes to participate on a Cunha Athletic team will have the option of using a blue form to allow them to participate under the following conditions:

● The student will get a blue form from the office each week

● The student will ask each teacher to evaluate his or her grade and behavior for the current week

● To be eligible to participate in games the following week, all teachers must indicate on the blue form that the student’s grade for the week is at least a C­ or above and their behavior must be marked at least satisfactory

● Any student with a grade marked below a C­, or behavior not satisfactory in any (1) class will be ineligible to play in any athletic contest the following week

● All blue forms must be returned, fully completed by all teachers to the Athletic Director no later than Friday at 3:15 pm each week

Seventh grade students may use the blue form option for one quarter only during the school year. The rules for the blue from are stated in the above explanation.

All 8th grade students must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. Any 8th grade student below 2.0 is ineligible to participate in Cunha Athletics. There is no blue form option for 8th grade students.

Insurance: Student accident insurance is available for purchase. Students on athletic teams are required to carry school or private insurance.

Fund Raisers: Each year, Cunha’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) organizes the Annual Giving Drive. This is our only school wide fundraising activity; therefore, we encourage participation from all parents and students. Please do your part by assisting in the fundraising in order to supplement classroom instruction, academic programs and college and career enrichment events.

Library: The library is open for student use before school, at break time, at lunch and after school every day. The library is to be a quiet place where students can work and study without distractions. Appropriate conduct in the library is expected at all times. Individuals who do not conduct themselves appropriately will be excluded from the library. There is a student printer located in the Library; students are expected to ask the Librarian for approval prior to printing.

Special Activities:  Special activities are held during the school year, such as dances, assemblies, and field trips. These activities are earned by cooperating with Cunha school expectations and policies. We believe that students should be recognized and awarded privileges for their success in functioning cooperatively within the school community.

Student Pictures: All students are photographed for the school records. School photos are taken early in the school year. All pictures are taken for the yearbook and individual purchase. The purchase of all pictures is encouraged, but optional.

Student Body Cards: Every fall, each student will be photographed and given a Cunha Student Body card. This card is to be used to check out sports equipment at break and lunch and to check out library books. Students are to put lunch and snack money on this card, which works like a “debit card.”

Student Leadership: Cunha has an award winning active student Leadership class. The student body officers are elected school wide and serve for the entire year. Officers must demonstrate good citizenship and have at least a 2.0 grade point average the prior grading period before running for office. There is an application process for enrollment in this semester class. With high student interest, please note not all students will be admitted.

Student Recognition Program: The Cunha Staff is very proud of our school and students. To encourage students to display positive behavior and to do their best each day, we have established recognition of students in a number of ways:

  • Student of The Week
  • Birthdays announced daily
  • Cub Compliments are given to students "caught” doing something good
  • Cub Compliments can be “redeemed” for Cunha gear weekly, at the Cub Store!
  • Outstanding Cub Award & Luncheon
  • Student of The Month
  • Reward assembly each quarter for students with positive behavior (no tardies, cuts, citations, referrals, PBIS sessions, suspensions)
  • Honor Roll Field Trips
  • Student work displayed around campus, including D Building Hallway, Office, online, etc.


Cunha Intermediate School is a community. As in any community or neighborhood, we treat one and another with respect and kindness. The staff of Cunha knows that you are becoming young adults and that you are responsible for conducting yourselves in a manner that is appropriate for school. Everyone benefits from respectful, responsible, positive, and safe behavior at school. Students learn more and develop a feeling of pride because they are part of a safe, comfortable, educational environment. Instruction is more effective because teachers are able to spend time and effort helping students instead of dealing with behavior issues. Social events are more fun because they are not spoiled by unpleasant disruptions and unruly individuals. Properly administered expectations enable students to work, play and live in a pleasant, supervised atmosphere where they enjoy greater personal freedom without fear of intimidation. Here are guidelines to which you may refer.


1. Sharing responsibilities with the school by collaborating with the school staff for the total development of the student;

2. Being familiar with discipline guidelines;

3. Taking responsibility for their child's actions.


1. Providing a positive learning environment;

2. Guiding student behavior by using discipline procedures fairly and consistently;

3. Communicating with parents regarding their child's behavior.


1. Understanding and following established expectations and regulations as you would law in society;

2. Accepting the leadership of school personnel;

3. Respecting the property of the school and of others, as you wish your own property to be respected;

4. Utilizing your counselor, administrators, or other adults to prevent problems from escalating.



Students are to be respectful, responsible, positive and safe; when not meeting these expectations, students are to accept corrective action. We also realize that while the use of profanity and inappropriate slang, shoving, and even fighting are popularized in the media and elsewhere, it has no place in our school community.

During the school day, students are expected to following these guidelines.


  1. Be on time.
  2. Be prepared for class: bring proper materials, books, paper, pencils, pens and Cub Agendas.
  3. The teacher is the lead learner: follow the expectations established by the teacher.
  4. Be attentive and cooperative: do your best, work and don't annoy others.
  5. Practice good manners: have a respectful attitude and be courteous to other people.

Corridors and Hallways

  1. Walk quietly in halls and corridors at all times; loud noises are disruptive to classes.
  2. Passes must be in hand and visible.


1. Do not loiter in or around the restrooms.  

2. Students are responsible for maintaining restroom cleanliness.

3. Students must have teacher permission and a pass to use any restroom during class time.

Break and Lunch: MU (Multi Use Room) and Quad

1. Cutting in line is not allowed.

2. Students may not purchase items for others while waiting in the lunch line.

3. Students are to throw all trash into garbage cans before being dismissed from their eating area. Students are responsible for keeping MU and outdoor areas free of litter.

4. No sitting on the table tops; students should sit on the bench portion of the table.

5. The throwing objects is prohibited. This includes food, trash or other objects.


Fields, Blacktop and Picnic Table Areas

1. Students are to remain in supervised areas only. During break, this includes the blacktop and picnic table areas. During lunch, this includes the fields, blacktop and picnic table areas. Students should not be in hallways, corridors, or other unsupervised areas.

2. A pass is required to enter any building or classroom during break or lunch.

3. Food or drinks on the basketball courts or field areas are prohibited.


Bike, Board, and Scooter Areas

1.Students are to walk bikes, boards, etc. on all sidewalks and when entering and leaving rack areas.

2. Riders must obey all safety and traffic regulations.

3. Bikes, skateboards, and scooters are to be properly locked in the racks with your own lock.

4. For safety reasons, bikes, boards, scooters, etc. are not to be ridden on school grounds at any time, including before or after school.

5. Students should wear helmets at all times when on bikes, boards, scooters, etc.


Bus Conduct

For safety, students must wait for all busses (District, Sam Trans, and Field Trips) in a line behind the sidewalk away from the street.

  1. Students are to be respectful waiting for and riding buses.
  2. Students are to obey the valid authority of the bus driver at all times.
  3. Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited.
  4. Students may not extend any part of their body out of the door or windows, nor are they to throw or release anything from the windows or door.
  5. Treat other passengers and the driver with courtesy. Loud, vulgar or intimidating


Electronic Devices – Phones/iPods etc.

Teachers and staff consider all personal electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, iPods, etc.) a distraction to the learning environment at Cunha and a potential social risk for our students. For this reason, all personal electronic devices are not permitted to be used, visible, or be left in the “on” position from 7:27am until the conclusion of the school day at 3:05pm. If the device is audible or visible, it will be confiscated by a staff member and turned into the Assistant Principal.

1st Infraction – Assistant Principal will review policy with the student and electronic device returned to student after school. Note: a student may have to wait until the After School Supervision duties are completed before meeting with the Assistant Principal.

2nd Infraction – The student will receive an PBIS review session or campus beautification assignment and the electronic device will be returned to the student’s parent/guardian once the consequence(s) has been served.

 3rd Infraction – The electronic device will be returned on last day of school. If the parent demands the electronic device be returned, the 3rd infraction will result in a stipulated agreement that includes discipline and a requirement that the student turn their device into the office daily. If this agreement is not accepted or not followed, other disciplinary measures may be taken.

Note: if there is evidence that a picture, video or any other multimedia function was used in a classroom or during the school day without permission, a greater consequence will be issued.

Students may use the office telephone to notify parents of illnesses and emergencies only.  (Forgotten homework, missing PE clothes, and missing lunches are not considered an emergency).


Dress Code: The Cunha dress code was created in collaboration with students and staff members. All students shall dress in a clean, safe and appropriate manner that protects the overall learning environment. All students should present themselves in a professional manner that demonstrates respect for each other, themselves, and their bodies.

In order to accomplish the above dress code philosophy, no students should wear clothing that exposes any undergarments, the belly/midriff area, or private area including any portion of the upper thigh or buttocks, full shoulder, and chest, etc. Shorts, pants, or skirts should not be worn below the waist (“sagging”). For safety, close toed shoes must be worn at all times (no flip-flops or sandals). Clothing that advertises drugs, tobacco, sex, alcohol, gang affiliation, sexually explicit or foul language is prohibited. Additionally, attire, clothing, or accessories that are known or appear to be associated with various youth gangs are prohibited. This will include, but not be limited to hats, shoes, backpacks, shirts, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, writings (numerals), depictions, etc.

Students dressed inappropriately are expected to immediately correct attire; consequences will be issued to students that continue to violate the dress code.

Note: Cunha administration reserves the right to make final determination on what type(s) of clothing, attire, or accessories promotes or detracts from the greater school climate and culture, as well as the learning environment.

Cunha’s dress code is not meant, in any way, to detract from any sort of cultural displays or connections. For example, students wearing articles depicting national origin or religion will be allowed to continue wearing these items.


There are events during the school year that require a student to display behaviors specific to those occasions.


1. Students will enter and leave the assembly in a safe, respectful manner.

2. Student behavior should be attentive and courteous. Unacceptable conduct includes whistling, booing, shouting, inappropriate clapping, talking during a program, etc.

Dance expectations

All school expectations are in effect for the duration of the event.

  1. Attendance at the dance is limited to only Cunha students ­ no guests are allowed.
  2. A parent/guardian must escort the student to and from all night dances.
  3. Dance hours are listed on the website calendar for each dance. Doors are closed at one half hour after the beginning of the dance. 
  4. Students must remain at the dance until its conclusion unless picked up early by a parent or adult.
  5. Kindness is essential. Other people's feelings must be respected. When accepting or refusing a dance, be polite.
  6. Decorations are made for your enjoyment. They are not to be destroyed.
  7. Appropriate school clothing is required. The Cunha dress code is enforced.
  8. Students are expected to be picked up promptly at the end of a dance. Students who remain at the dance longer than 20 minutes past its conclusion, may not be eligible for the next dance.
  9. The “exclusionary time frame” for grades, tardies or absences runs from dance to dance, not on the quarter system. Students will be excluded from dances for any of the following reasons:
  1. Absence on the day of the dance
  2. Five (5) or more tardies 
  3. Truant/cut two (2) or more classes
  4. Library books overdue
  5.  School suspension
  6. Five (5) or more citations
  7. Three (3) or more office referrals


General School Guidelines

  • Students are to obey teachers and other staff members at all times.
  • Students are not to be out of class without a hall pass. Cutting a class or part of a class is considered a severe infraction of school expectations. Vending machines are not to be used between classes. Using personal electronic devices is not permitted at any time during the school day (7:27a­3:05p), including break and lunch periods.


  • Hats should not be worn inside any building. Backpacks should not be worn in the classroom during instructional time.
  • Help keep Cunha clean ­ always use trashcans and don't litter. Gum is not permitted at school.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated from any student. Show mutual respect for each other; name calling, intimidating others, and inappropriate public displays of affection, which include, kissing, excessive hugging and hand­holding is prohibited. Sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment refers to behavior that is not welcome and that is personally offensive.
  • Students should not bring flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, cakes, pizzas or other food items for student birthdays. The student will need to make a phone call home in order to have the items picked up. Sports equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, etc.) will be provided. Students are not allowed to bring own equipment to school.
  • Any item being delivered to students (lunch, PE clothes, etc.) must be coordinated through the front office and should not become habitual.
  • Fighting, threatening, or causing harm or physical horseplay to anyone is strictly forbidden. Encouraging a fight or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. This type of behavior may result in the consequences corresponding with the offense, up to suspension.
  • Students are responsible for school property (including books, desks, locks, and lockers). Damaging or stealing school property is a very serious matter and will be treated as such. Parents are responsible for replacement cost of stolen or damaged goods. Writing or any type of graffiti on school property is strictly prohibited and is a very serious violation of school expectations.
  • Students are never to have, use or sell tobacco products, drugs or alcohol at school or when going to and from school and school activities.
  • Students are not to have matches, lighters, snaps, fire­crackers, water guns, spray cans (including paint, deodorant, mouth, or pepper sprays), glass bottles, sunflower seeds, stink bombs, laser pointers or anything that may cause harm to someone or be disruptive.
  • Students are never to have knives, guns or any other weapons at school.
  • Skateboards or shoe skates may be used only for transportation to and from school. Skateboards or shoe skates must be carried on campus at all times or stored appropriately. Riding is never permitted on campus at any time.
  • Once dropped off for school, students are to remain on campus for the entire school day. Cunha has a "CLOSED CAMPUS" policy; students may not leave the school (including lunch or while waiting for a bus) unless signed out by an authorized adult.
  • Students are under the jurisdiction of school authority on the way to school and the way home. The school's standards of behavior apply to students coming to and going from school and/or school sponsored activities.


At Cunha, we believe in RESPECT and expect all students to act respectfully at all times:

  • Respect for Property – Ask before using someone’s things. Do not write on or destroy an individual’s property or school property.
  • Respect Personal Space – Touching or being in another’s personal space when not welcomed is inappropriate.
  • Respect Differences – No name calling, put downs, or slurs. This includes language, behavior or gestures that are obscene, offensive, or abusive.

Cunha will provide educational assemblies and presentations, as well as counseling and administrator support, to discourage Bullying and Harassment and promote reporting it. Bullying and Harassment is considered a very serious violation of school expectations and a violation of a student’s right to attend school in a safe and peaceful environment. The student code of conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following actions and consequences:

● Any student who engages in bullying may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion

● Students are expected to immediately report incidents of bullying to any school official

● Students can rely on staff to promptly investigate each complaint of bullying in a thorough and confidential manner If the complainant student or the parent of the student believes that the investigation or complaint was not resolved appropriately, the student or the parent of the student should contact the Principal or the school office. The school system prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process.

The procedures for intervening in bullying behavior includes, but not limited to, the following:

● The school will make reasonable efforts to keep a report of bullying and the results of the investigation confidential

● Staff members are expected to immediately intervene when they see a bullying incident occur

● People witnessing or experiencing bullying are encouraged to report the incident; such reporting will not reflect on the victim or witnesses in any way


CONSEQUENCES FOR UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR: At Cunha, the administration implements a progressive discipline philosophy; violation of any of the expectations stated in this handbook shall include progressively more severe consequences. If behavior is not corrected, or violations of behavior are severe, appropriately severe consequences shall be issued.

1. Warning or citation and counseling

2. Loss of privileges

3. Parent contact

4. Referral to Assistant Principal

5. Parent conference

6. Teacher class suspension

7. PBIS Session: one hour after school under staff supervision, with the opportunity to work on school assignments, which must be served on the date(s) listed on the form. An additional session will be assigned if a student fails to attend or is disruptive during an PBIS session; consequences increase if a student has consistent issues attending PBIS sessions. School absence or medical appointments (with parent/guardian note) are the only exceptions to no rescheduling policy. Because PBIS session are not be assigned for the same day (unless student or parent agrees), students are responsible for informing their parents of assigned PBIS sessions. 

8. Campus Beautification during lunch or on Thursday mornings (late start)

9. Parents supervision of their student in classes.

10. Involvement of a Sheriff School Resource Officer

11. Suspension from school

12. Expulsion

Search and Seizure:  The Cabrillo Unified School district is fully committed to promoting a safe learning environment and, to the extent possible, eliminating the possession and use of weapons, illegal drugs, and other controlled substances by students on school premises and at school activities. As necessary to protect the health and welfare of students and staff, school officials may search students, their property, and/or district property under their control and may seize illegal, unsafe, or otherwise prohibited items.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

Cunha is in the process of developing and implementing PBIS at our school. PBIS is based on principles of applied behavior analysis and the prevention approach and values of positive behavior support. PBIS is a framework or approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students. PBIS is also a prevention oriented way for school personnel to (a) organize evidence based practices, (b) improve their implementation of those practices, and (c) maximize academic and social behavior outcomes for students.

PBIS supports the success of ALL students. Effective classroom management and preventive school discipline are essential for supporting teaching and learning. PBIS goes further by emphasizing that classroom management and preventive school discipline must be integrated and working together with effective academic instruction in a positive and safe school climate to maximize success for all students.

We only earn the right to use consequences for problem behavior after explicitly teaching and reinforcing the behavior we expect. Despite our best attempts to set students up for success in a positive environment that prevents problem behavior, students will still occasionally engage in problem behavior – they are kids! When responding to problem behavior at Cunha, we will be guided by the following principles:

● We will respond to problem behavior only in ways that maintain the safety, well­being and dignity of the child.

● A primary focus of responses for problem behavior is front loading the expected behavior.

● Our primary goal in responding to problem behavior is to minimize the loss of instructional time for that student and all other students in the setting.

Primary goals in responding to problem behavior are to identify minor problem behavior early, and quickly and calmly redirect student back to the task at hand. If the student does not respond to initial redirects, pre­planned consequences may be required.

Cunha Student User Agreement for Classroom Technology

Cunha Intermediate believes that all students should have access to technology when they act in a responsible, efficient, courteous and legal manner. Internet access and other online services, available to students and teachers, offer a multitude of global resources. Our goal in providing these services is to enhance the educational development of our students. Appropriate uses of technology are devoted to activities that support teaching and learning. The use of technology is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in the suspension or cancellation of privileges.

The following are our agreements about the use of technology in Cunha Intermediate classrooms:

Terms of Agreement

1. I will only use my school assigned student account for school work and assignments.

2. I will access only my own assigned computer, account, and/or files. I will not delete files, icons, or software that do not belong to me.

3. I will download only under teacher direction.

4. I will use the camera/recording functions only when directed by the teacher.

5. I will come to class fully prepared, including printing prior to class, when necessary.

6. I will focus my technology use on class assignments or task. If I am unsure if an activity is acceptable, I will ask permission.

7. I will share with the classroom teacher any document or collaborative work I share with another student.

8. I will not damage classroom hardware or software, delete school files or those belonging to others, use unauthorized software, attempt to bypass school filters, send viruses, or make modifications to system files.

9. I will not participate in cyber­bullying by spreading gossips, insults, or other unkindness, and/or accessing any social network, website, blog, Wiki, etc. with the purpose of creating, viewing, or participating in the humiliation of others, even when meant as a joke.

10. I will not retrieve material that is obscene, profane, violent, discriminatory, or depicts or describes illegal activities.

11. I understand that accidental or intentional damage or destruction of classroom hardware or software may require financial compensation.

Consequences for inappropriate use include, but are not limited to:

● Verbal and written warnings;

● Loss of computer or technology privileges for the remainder of the day;

● Loss of computer or technology privileges for one week or more;

● Referral or other consequences as deemed appropriate by classroom teacher or administration;

● Complete loss of technology privileges on campus;

● Financial compensation for damaged technology.