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Open Communication

One of the attributes of an effective school is an accessible and open line of communication between home and school. There are many opportunities to know about the progress of your child's education: mid quarter Progress Reports, quarterly grades, parent conferences, and telephone call to teachers.

Contact James Barnes  James Barnes (650) 712-5181 Principal
Contact Ben Bartel  Ben Bartel (650) 712-5182 Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Isabel Anguiano  Isabel Anguiano (650) 712-5185 Community Relations Assistant - se habla espanol
Contact Andrea Boewer  Andrea Boewer (650) 712-5184 Registrar
Contact Suzanne McCormack  Suzanne McCormack (650) 712-5180 Administrative Assistant
Contact India Polito-Thomas  India Polito-Thomas (650) 712-5183 Attendance Clerk
Contact Janice Lee  Janice Lee (650) 712-7190 ex: 5006 Counselor (M-Z)
Contact Stacy Myrick  Stacy Myrick Counselor (A-L)
Contact Sarah Wilhelms  Sarah Wilhelms Counselor

Email Instructions

School Loop Users: click on mail icon next to staff member and login to your account

Non-School Loop Users: contact staff using the following format: