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Student Leadership


The Student Leadership Program strives to create a positive and inclusive environment for ALL students. This is accomplished through a wide range of lunch time activities and competitions, philanthropy drives, after school events, community involvement, and positive recognition.

Program Description  

The Student Leadership Program focuses on developing many skills and responsibilities essential for students to be successful in school and in society. Leadership, organization, collaboration, communication, financial management, interpersonal relations, public speaking, planning, Parliamentary Procedure, and time management are not only taught, but practiced.  Students learn in the most hands-on approach - by doing it all and assessing the outcome.  

By utilizing a common-core instructional approach, the Student Leadership Program teacher goes beyond instruction and discussion by guiding student performance. This fosters an environment where students are free to try their ideas, then evaluate the outcomes with critical thinking skills and high-level questions. ‘Learning by doing’ empowers students to execute their ideas, demands collaboration and planning, encourages reflection, and is most similar to how students will continue life long learning in their eventual real world experiences.  This program develops students into well-rounded individuals and team players who value relationships with their peers, staff, and community members.

In leadership, the class is broken into seven groups. Each group had different responsibilities:

  • Announcements, announce leadership activities, birthdays, winners, and give recognition in the morning
  • Friday activities, manage unique, competitive games that are played between grades on Friday  
  • Special events, work on making and running activities played between first period classes for spirit points
  • Community service; run donations which are given to many different organizations and give service to the community 
  • Individual Sign-Ups; manage activities where students can sign up to compete with other students for a prize 
  • Points/Birthdays/Music; play music on Fridays, add up points for spirit classes, and give recognition to students who have birthdays
  • Advertisements; promote leadership activities on large posters posted throughout the school.  

As student leaders in the Program, class responsibilities are:

  • Positive

  • Strong character

  • An ability to learn from failures

  • Try your hardest

  • Planning

  • Organization

  • Dependability
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