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2013-14 Awards


2014 Science Fair Winners. The top 25 winners are elligable to compete in the county STEM fair at Hiller Museum in Redwood City on Feb 23-28.

Life Science I, Plants. 
1st:  Siena Hinshelwood, To Sod or not to Sod, Jerry Trenter Award; 
2nd: Carly Bunuan: Effects of WiFi On Plant Growth

Life Science II. 

:  Andrew Zioncheck, Immune Response to Flu Vaccine;  
Zachary Zioncheck: DNA Analysis of Twins; 
2nd: John Howell, Is Green as Clean?;  
Kendall Freeburg, Shopping for Bacteria; 
Allison Hawkins, Break A Leg; Depends on Sport; 
Tamlyn Schafer, Sing Your Lungs Out

Behavioral Science. 

1st: Grace Hagy: I Spy...Numbers! Judges Special Award for Mathematical Excellence in Science
2nd: Caralynn Ebersole, Eating with the Eyes; 
Jordan Hosfeldt, To Stop or Not to Stop;
Madison McKnight, Thanks for the Memories

Earth Science/Ecology.

1st:  Sam Hughes: Lead at the Beach;
Dom Padua: Motion in the Ocean
2nd: Amy Nguyen, It's the Acid; Gil Ellis, Environmental Award
Jakob Meighen, Cloudy with a Chance of Bacteria
Lia Verlander, Wave Speed

Physical Sciences I. 

1st: David Blick, Skimboarding; Grand Prize Runner-Up
Tatiana Ediger, Picture Perfect
2nd: Cullen McGee, How Much Can a Skycrane Lift?
Andrew Pantera: Rising Force

Physical Sciences II.

1st: Everett Schafer, 1.25 Liters of Light; Grand Prize Winner
2nd  Katherine Dioli, Mpemba Effect;
Roman Antonio, Laser Measurement of Dissolved Sugar Levels;
Cole Wilkinson, Burning Calories, Literally