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2014-15 Awards


2015 Science Fair Winners
Note: The top 25 winners are eligible to compete in the county STEM fair. Results from the San Mateo County STEM Fair:

Ryan Dubois: 1st Place, headed State
​James McEachen: 2nd Place
Phoebe Will: Honorable Mention and special award S
Sophia Pappalardo: Honorable Mention

Life Science I, Plants
1st:  Mailie Bowers: The Effect of Percent Concentration of Sucrose on Germination, Jerry Trenter Award
2nd: Rachel Brody: Trees of Life
2nd: Xitali Duran Is the amount of Seeds Inside a Fruit Consistent?

Life Science II
1st: Rachel Dantes: Webstatic
2nd: Michaela McGee: My Mom's Kitchen Sink is Filthy: Let's Clean It!
2nd: Shay Heath: Effects of Spices on Mold and Bacterial Growth in Food

Behavioral Science
1st: Sophia Pappalardo: Feeling Frustrated, Grand Prize Winner
2nd: Alex Hosilyk: The Highlighter Effect
2nd: Hallie Beier: More than Meets the Tongue
2nd: Micah Warner-Carey: Fading Memories  

Earth Science/Ecology
1st: Maya Pratt-Bauman: Three Ways to Collect Fresh Water
1st: Phoebe Will: Coralline Algae, Teen Choice Award
2nd: Nate Coruccini: Local Creek Water Quality
2nd: Mackenzie Mell: Is it Safe to Surf?
2nd: Paola Villegas: Limestone Rocks Dissolving

Physical Sciences I
1st: James McEachen: Building a Better Rocket
2nd: Luke Outman: Bahm!
2nd: Max Paik: To Cork or Not to Cork
2nd: Jessica Humphry: Singing Wine Glasses
2nd: Zach Minor: Centripetal Force
2nd: Angelo Molossi: Archery

Physical Sciences II
1st: Ryan Dubois: Most Effective Home-made Solar Heating Device, Gil Ellis Award
2nd: Casey Co: Are you Safe in Your Home?
2nd: Julie Raffetto: Enamel Enemy