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2015-16 Awards

Science Fair Displays

2016 Science Fair Winners
Note: The top 25 winners are eligible to compete in the county STEM fair. Results from the San Mateo County STEM Fair:

Sonya Cullen: 1st Place & Special Award. She also qualifies for the CA State Science Fair!
Kai Smith: 2nd place
Daniela Iacopi: Honorable Mention
Eve Kearns: Honorable Mention
Bella Dioli: Special Award Recycling

Life Science 
1st:  Caroline Benson: How Cunning is Your Canine?
1st: Daniela Iacopi: Horse Cognition
2nd: Holly Ebert: A Face in the Crowd
2nd: Mia Hall: How Much is too Much?
2nd: Maya Bliss: Second Rule-Fact or Fiction, Jerry Trenter Award

Behavioral Science
1st: Genevieve Zaidan: Color on My Mind, Grand Prize Winner
2nd: Samantha Morgenbesser: Movies, Music and the Mind
2nd: Gemma McCluney: Beauty and the Beat
2nd: Gabrielle Silverman: Learning Styles  

Earth Science/Ecology
1st: Sonya Cullen: Ghost Fishing
1st: Julia Race: Did you Know the Sun Spins?
2nd: Eve Kearns: Surfs Up
2nd: Melissa Godoy, Hermit Crabs, Jeff Centoni Award
2nd: Isabella Dioli: What Happens to Biodegradable Products, Ellis Environmental Award

Physical Sciences I
1st: Jamie McIntosh: Polygon Parachutes
1st: Claire Yerby: Shoulder Power
1st: Thomas Sendino: Water to Fuel
2nd: Atticus Hart: How the Temperature of Paint Balls Affects Splatter Radius
2nd: David Fisher: Porch Paint
2nd: Kendall Mansukani: Pour Some Sugar on Me
2nd: Miles Rogers: The Most Efficient Propellar Design
2nd: Casildo Guevara-Ramirez: Baseball Bat Debate, Sports Award
2nd: Jacob Poss: The Search for the Perfect Shoelace
2nd: Kai Smith: All Cracked Up