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2016-17 Awards


2017 Science Fair Winners
Note: The top 25 winners are eligible to compete in the San Mateo County STEM Fair March 5-7, 2017. Results from the County STEM Fair will posted March 9th.

Life Science I: Plants
1st:  Harrison Nash: Salination Germination, Grand Prize Winner
2nd: Jessie Hedger-Walter: Fantastic Photosynthesis

Life Science II
1st:  Yasmine Tarkiainen: How Cool is Your Horse? Jerry Trenter Award
2nd:  Weston Warren: Toothbrush Germs

2nd:  Zach Handelman: Artificial Pancreas, STEM Award
2nd:  Ben McNight: Got Gluten?
2nd:  Sophia Bodas: Hovering Hummingbirds

Behavioral Science
1st:  Madeleine Beckner: Risky Personality
2nd:  Ehren Terwey: Traffic Congestion
2nd:  Sara Sprankle: Cunha Conformity
2nd:  Genevieve Belmonte: I Want it Now!

Earth Science/Ecology
1st:  Haley Sperende: Harbor Hazard
2nd:  Chase Robertson: Tidepools
2nd:  Dayton Lindsay:  How Green do you Clean?

Physical Sciences I: Force & Motion
1st:  Nick Fish: Quantum Levitation
1st:  David Sims: Busting Bridges
1st:  Ricardo Johnston: Drag Force on a Sailboat, Jeff Centoni Award
2nd:  Michelle Hernandez: Slippery Slide
2nd:  Adriel Moncada: Pump it Up!

Physical Sciences II: Chemistry, Material Science, Etc.
1st:  Maya Rippberger: How Beverages Affect Teeth
2nd:  Isabella Pappalardo: Tummy Trouble
2nd:  Gwinna Putz: Get Amped on the Surf, Ellis Environmental Award
2nd:  William Outman: Splat!
2nd:  Corwin Jones: How does the Cookie Crumble?